How to create guest accounts and share files

Log into Cloudfiles at the following address:


 Username: fcshare001\username

Password: This is the same password you use to log into our servers.

Basic Information:

There are a few ways you can share files with people outside of your organization in Cloudfiles.  In this tutorial, we will be covering how to create a secure share that will require a guest account with a username and password to access.  We will also cover how to create a public share that can be accessed via a web address.  It is not necessary to create a guest account to share a file, but this will add an additional layer of security for important files.  Please note that the first section of this tutorial will cover creating the guest account.  If you want to create a public share, you may skip the first section of this tutorial.

How to create a guest account

Log into Cloudfiles.

Click on the “guests” button at the top of the screen.


Click on “create guest”


Enter the requested information.  Please note that it is important to include an e-mail address, as this will be their username.  The password field is to set the password that they will use to access Cloudfiles.  The password MUST contain at least six total characters, with at least one capital letter, one lower case letter, and one number. For example, the password “Password1” would be an acceptable combination of characters.


After you click save, you will see the guest account listed:


This concludes the guest account creation.  Please continue the tutorial to learn how to create a share that can be accessed by this guest account, and how to create shares that can be accessed by a public web address.

How to create Cloudfiles shares

To create a share, you can right click on any subfolder or file, and choose share.  Please note that you cannot share top level directories, only subfolders and files.


Once you click on the share button, you will be presented with a set of options that will differ slightly depending on whether you are sharing a file or a folder.

File options:

1 – Here you can choose to set up a secure share or a public share.  If you choose a secure share, the “share with” options (section 3) must be completed.

2 – Here you may set the expiration date of the share, and a limit on the number of times this file can be downloaded.

3 – Here you may choose the accounts to share the file with.  You can add the guest accounts you’ve created here.  Simply begin typing the name or e-mail address of the guest account and select the entry from the auto-complete list that appears.  Once chosen, the account you’ve selected will appear below.  You can see the sample user in this example.

6b - file

If you’ve chosen to share a folder, please note the following differences:

You may not set a download limit.  You may only select an expiration date.

6a - folder

You may provide permissions for your guest to upload and\or deleted data from the shared folder.  Leaving both of these options unchecked will allow your guest to only download from the shared folder.

Public Share:

6c - public

If you have chosen to create a public share, you will be provided with a web address, and some basic share options.

You will be able to provide the web address to anyone who needs to download the file.  When they follow the web address, they will be provided with a button to download the available file.

You may also set an expiration date and a download limit on public file shares.

Once you have selected the appropriate sharing options, click on the save button at the bottom of the share access window.

Your file or folder has now been shared.  Please continue the tutorial to learn how this works from the guest’s point of view.

If you have created a share for a guest, your guest must be provided with the username and password you created for them.  They will need to log in to the Cloudfiles interface using the username and password that you provide to them.  The username will be the e-mail address you entered in the “create guest account settings” screen.  The address to our Cloudfiles interface is:


Once they have logged in, they will be able to view the files available to download.  In this example, I shared an empty directory, so there are no files to download.  You may note here that there is a “Download ZIP” option available.  If you share a directory with multiple files, they will have the option of downloading the entire contents of the shared directory as a single compressed file.  If you have granted them permission to upload files, then they will also see an “Upload Files” button.


How to view and manages items you have shared

To view, edit, and remove your shares, begin by clicking the “Shares” button at the top of the Cloudfiles web interface.  Then choose “Items Shared by You”8

At the end of each row, you have two options:

The people icon will allow you to edit your share.

The X icon will remove your share.