• Click on the FileNest icon on the Desktop.
  • fn1
  • The following window will be displayed.fn5
  • Put in your FileNest site in the first field, and then the next field use your STM provided credentials. If you need either of these pieces of information, please contact STM at 704-334-7893 or help@stmsupport.com
  • Click Connect
  • fn2
  • Right click on the icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the task bar.
  • fn3
  • To add Network Folder offline access, click on your Sync app menu and select “Backup and other Settings” under “More Options”
  • Select the “Network Folders” tab and then click on “Add Network Folder” button. You can then select a network folder that can be downloaded locally for an offline copy.fn4
  • When adding a network folder for offline access, you can choose to set the refresh schedule.
Every 1 hour
Every 2 hours
Every 4 hours
Every 8 hours
Every 24 hours
Every 30 minutes
Manual: Synchronizes this folder with the Network Folder only when user selects “Run Now” or when he selects “Run Manual Tasks Now” option