Log into your FileNest website using the information provided to you by STM.

Locate the folder you want to share

Click on a folder entry (either check box, or outside the name) and click the share icon.


When Share action is clicked, a dialog that will displayed with the shared URL. Also, you have options to set permissions and access controls by clicking “Advanced Options”. By default, if you don’t specify any permissions, it will be shared as a Public Share. You can share this link via email, chat etc. Anyone with this link can access the shared resource whether it be a folder or a file.


If you click on Advanced Options, the following box will come up.


Here you can specify options, such as setting an Expiration Date, whether you want file change notifications, or whether or not the person you are sharing the link with is allow to Upload files, Download Files, or just View the files.

If you don’t want the link to be shared publicly, you can specify the “Allow Selected Users.”


Then you can click Add Guest. At this point you can either select an existing user to share it to, or add in an email address of an outside user. The system will send them an invitation to create a guest account. They will click the link, create an account, and then system will send them a verification email. They can then use this account to login and access the files. This allows you to share files of a sensitive nature that you don’t want to have a public link out there for.