FileNest Drive allows you to access all the files that you have in your FileNest server like you work with files in Windows

Download FileNest Drive from

Click the file you just downloaded to run it

Click Next


Click Install


Click Finish


Fill in your server URL with the URL provided to you by STM. Then use the credentials for your STM account in the next two boxes. If you have any questions regarding either of these pieces of information. Contact STM at or 704-334-7893

The Mount Point is generally recommended to be set as P:


Click OK

You should now see your FileNest drive as another drive in Windows Explorer. My Files will contain your personal FileNest files and then Network Shares folder will contain any Network drives shared with you.


Although FileNest Drive automatically makes your remote FileNest server files available as if it is a local drive in your Windows Computer, it is important to understand the underlying technology powering FileNest Drive so that you can use it most efficiently for its intended purpose.

FileNest Drive provides a virtual view to your FileNest files and makes it appear as if the files are actually local, but in reality they are not. The files are present on the remote server and if the underlying network connection is not available, FileNest Drive cannot work. So in cases when you are going to be offline and want access to your files, FileNest drive is not a suitable tool and it is recommended to use the FileNest Sync app instead which keeps a copy of the remote server files locally on your computer.

Also, note that when you have a large file (say 1 GB) and you try to open it in an application via FileNest Drive, it will first have to be downloaded from the remote connection and then opened. Depending upon your network connectivity this could take a while. So even though these files appear connected to your PC, they are in reality in the FileNest server.

So it is best to use FileNest Drive to work with small to medium sized files, to edit documents and use it for uploading small number of files or downloading small documents etc. FileNest Drive is more convenient than using the web portal to edit files because it avoids downloading the file first, editing and then re-uploading it back. This can be done seamlessly by just opening the document in the application via explorer, editing and then saving it to upload it back to the FileNest.