Level 1

Expected Response Time – Less than 8 Business hours

This is the initial support level responsible for basic customer issues.  Level 1 incidents have a minimal effect on your daily work, and are usually nothing more than a nuisance or annoyance.

Examples are:

–     Sound not working on a desktop.

–     Creation of a new user or email address; problems with spam mail

–     Printer not working when similar printers are available.

Level 2

Expected Response Time – Less than 4 business hours

This support level is for issues that affect the customer’s ability to perform their daily tasks in a timely manner. Level 2 issues often do not have a workaround available and also cause a significant decrease in productivity for the affected user.

Examples are:

–     A PC or printer is completely down

–     User cannot send or receive emails from their mail client.

–     A computer is infected with viruses or malware.

Level 3

Expected Response Time – Next available technician (within the hour)

Level 3 issues are the highest priority and significantly affect company workflow and do not have any available workarounds present.  These issues typically create a work stoppage for all users or departments.  Level 3 issues are reserved for the most serious support incidents.

Examples are:

–     Server down or unresponsive.

–     Loss of network connectivity at the company level.

–     Company-wide inability to access primary business database or software

STM will make every effort to respond to Level 2 or higher tickets that a received prior

to 12:30PM on the same business day.  Tickets received after 12:30PM may be addressed the following business day depending on case load.