Accessing your STM Secure Desktop from outside the office

The following are instructions on how to access your secure STM Desktop from outside of the office.

1.  Open your web browser and go to the following website:

2.  Once the page loads, enter the same username and password you use to log into your remote server normally (same as your email password). The domain should read: FCSHARE001ssd1

3.  Once logged in you will see clickable links. These links will show the name of the servers you have permission to connect to.


4.  After clicking on your server, you may be prompted to allow or run a “Java” applet. If you are prompted to do this, please select either “Run”, “Trust” or “Always Run”.  The prompt you get will depend on the web browser you use.


5.  You will then get a pop-up showing the connection status.


6.      You are now connected to your secure STM desktop.ssd5