iPhone and iPad Email Setup Guide

The following instructions show how to set up your iPhone or iPad to download your email and sync your contacts and calendar

1. On your iPhone or iPad click on the “settings” icon and then click on “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”

 iOS7_sync_01      iOS7_sync_02

2.  Click on “Add Account” and then click on “Microsoft Exchange”


3. Enter your information in the account screen. This includes your full email address, your username, your password and the domain (FCSHARE001).  Once this is complete, press “Next”.  You may get a warning that says “Cannot Verify Server Identity”.  You can bypass this warning by pressing “Continue”.  After pressing continue, you will be asked to enter your server address.  The address is: remotemail.stmsupport.com. Press “Next” after the server address is entered.

iOS7_sync_04 iOS7_sync_05 iOS7_sync_06

4. Once “Next” is pressed it will take a few seconds for the phone to verify and connect to the account.  Once the account is created the phone will ask if you want to sync your email, contacts and calendars.  Our recommendation is to select “ON” for all 3 and then to click save.


All steps have been completed.  Please contact us at help@stmsupport.com if you have any issues.