Android Phone and Tablet Email Setup Guide


The following instructions show how to set up your Android device to download email and sync your contacts and calendar.  The interface for your device may be different; however, the basic steps are the same.


Click on the “Applications” tray and click on “Settings”


Click on “Accounts” and then select “Add Account”. When prompted, select “Corporate Sync” or “Exchange” account.

android2 andriod3 andriod4

Fill on your email address and password and tap Manual Setup


Enter your username, email address, password, domain and server address.

The email server address is:

The domain is: FCSHARE001. Some phones ask you to enter your domain and username on the same line.  If that is the case, it should be entered like so:  FCSHARE001\username.

“Use Secure (or Encrypted) Connection” should be checked

Once this is entered, click on “next:


next, select the services you wish to sync with the Exchange server and when to sync. Tap next


give the account a descriptive name and tap Finish Setup





Once this is complete, you will now be able to access your email, contacts and calendar from your phone.